Daring goals

The most inspiring brief,
gets creative solution for free!

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One of the main things we need to do at this moment is to prepare for the period ahead. Let’s listen to an online seminar, read a new book, be positive and rationally prepare for the better times which are coming soon.

That’s why we invite you to recall yourself to all the genius ideas that you didn’t have time to put them on the table. . Remember all the plans you had. The world is changing, but the Еarth continues to spin.

Now is the time to work out all the new, interesting ideas, to prepare everything you need to be one step ahead of everyone when this period is over.

Do you have a new product that needs exceptional design?

Need an online or offline campaign for the existing products and services?

Need a new, functional, clean, modern website?

Send us your brief, dare us, you will get the best of us.

The brief should be as clear as possible so that we can get a vivid picture of what you need. Of course, we also want you to:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Tell us the deadline for the creative to be completely ready
  • Tell us the deadline for the implementation of the project (when you plan to put into production the new product, when you plan to start the campaign…)

All companies and individuals with a positive spirit are welcome to participate in this contest.

The contest has only one condition: the project you are applying with must be feasible and applied by the end of 2020.

For the briefs that will manage to dare the most creative in us, we will find additional ways to realize them.

We are waiting for your brief until May 4 (by 12 pm) sent to  dare_us@kliker.mk . We will answer you and will publicly announce who was the most inspiring brief, until May 11 at the latest.

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