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Brand isolation – ideas on how to respond to the Corona challenge

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We are facing a crisis and not an economic one, to which we have long been accustomed, but a pandemic, a situation we have never faced before.

In most cases, companies and brands are not ready to react quickly to the new situation. They don’t have a protocol for exceptional scenarios like this one. Although they are relatively quick in introducing hand-washing protocols, wearing masks and gloves to protect employees, for most brands brand-protection protocols do not exist yet. Should brands be isolated as well? Should they be silent for a while? Will they be able to resurrect as if nothing had happened? Or they need to adjust to the situation that affects all of us, to show understanding for the customers’ emotions and to find the right tone of communication with them.

Every situation, no matter how new and difficult is, can be a new challenge, a chance to strengthen the position, to win the hearts of consumers. So here are some recommendations on how brands can respond to the CORONA challenge:

  • Stop the posts planned a few weeks ago, they are no longer attractive;
  • Stop the campaigns that communicate travel, mass socializing, happiness of unprecedented proportions, they are no longer appropriate;
  • Make a new communication strategy urgently;
  • Get closer to consumers, show understanding, support them;
  • Be quieter than usual, but be present. As the best friend who doesn’t bother you with advices, but is always there to listen to you;
  • Help if you can. Now is the time for social responsibility of brands. But honestly, not with ulterior motives, because consumers feel it and know how to punish as much as they know how to reward;
  • Be a fair and responsible company, do not profit from the new situation. Expect better times, you will surely be rewarded.

Find your chance to be better people, better brands, better companies calmly, bravely and decisively.

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