Daring goals

From scratch…

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So far, we have all accepted the fact that this year is abnormal, to say the least. This strong argument brought 1001 changes. The first two, most important changes – wearing a mask and keeping a physical distance – brought about a bunch of changes in everyday life and the environment. A new approach to our own habits, lifestyle, time organization, health care … a different view to ourselves, our loved ones, the world around us, … you name it … At one point, million chaos were happening around us that we somehow had to survive. And yes, the change is always tied to the time factor. This time I think the factor is speed. Quick decisions, quick solutions, quick thinking, quick action – quick adjustment. Quick acceptance …

Adapting to each new mess I began to experience as a muscle that needs to be exercised regularly. And the idea that “we will return to normal” is no longer close to me. We are not going back anywhere, we are just going further into the unknown, whatever it is – hoping it will be good, maybe better, but adapting quickly!

The imposed changes and the quick actions were transferred to our work. Quick reorganization, vigilant monitoring of information, canceling plans, making new ones, micro management, pile of delays, new deadlines, and new deadlines and new … And deadlines are like a good morning for us who work in marketing agencies … Deadlines which must be observed and reached for customers. In order to be as interesting as possible this year, we at Kliker in November had to additionally work on two big projects that are ours, the editorial office of Instore Magazine and Kliker Marketing. Both, the special edition 100 MUST HAVE brands on the shelf and the biggest trade event on the market 6 FMCG Summit were in November, in just few days range. You can imagine what it all looks like in these conditions. Rushing to deadlines, solving a bunch of things along the way, at one point we decided that we wanted to have a new communication for Kliker Marketing that we would like to communicate at the summit. On Friday we agreed that we would have meeting on Tuesday to discuss some ideas … On Tuesday night, when I was already at home, I realized that we didn’t sit, we didn’t talk, we did not agree. The priorities and deadlines simply did their thing. I got a little panicky which I’m already used to and started thinking about all our projects. Creative packaging solutions, names of already established brands, logo design, completely new visual strategies. For all of them, we started from scratch, from the beginning, from single dot, from an idea that was just an abstract thought in our brains … From scratch … I liked this from scratch and I have already started visualizing how an animation would look like. Around ten o’clock in the evening, I wrote an email to Verica ….. A pencil or a hand with a pencil appears on a white background, which after a few strokes draws a jar of Gurmano. The drawing goes from the comic design to a full photo of a Gurmano jar and at the end a headline is written  From scratch, designed by Kliker!

I saw the animation, I visualized it clearly and it was straight to the point in my head. Short and strong message, that everything for our clients starts from scratch, from the very beginning, from a single idea that we develop in the name, logo, packaging, catalog, poster, shelf, advertisement, campaign … Great slogan that connects with our challenging Kliker mantra Dare us!

The next day, the team discussed the idea. We agreed that it is great and that we should realize it. Ana and Sylvia from our design team bring to life the idea through several animations. We presented only a few brands from our clients for which we started and delivered creative solutions from scratch…

The slogan and the visual solution are so simple, yet so clear. The creative solution keeps the viewer’s attention, and the message is short, clear and strong. Minimalistic packaged in the spirit of less is more! Additionally, this creative solution leaves space if there is a need to upgrade, adapt, play or fulfill, while retaining its meaning and basic message.

We managed to make four such animations by the beginning of the summit (literally, we were finishing the fourth animation the night before the event) and to communicate them. We had great reactions to the event in general, and there were also fantastic comments on the animations – From scratch by Kliker!

We reacted boldly, quickly and decisively. You know the saying that there is no pot in the potter shop? We managed to make a twist 😊. The potter simply has to have a pot, and that pot must be the most beautiful, representative, to reflect the mastery of the potter.

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