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The making of Allegra

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The development of a completely new brand is a great challenge and responsibility, but also joy, because we have the opportunity to create something completely new, to fulfill ourselves through what we are best at.

In theory, the development of a new brand begins with setting the main business goals, defining the target group, market research, positioning the future brand, devising the brand message, name, logo, slogan, the whole design and ends with setting the marketing -strategy for its further communication. But in practice this is not always the case. Some steps are skipped, some sequences are changed, and some information is missing. And the end product should be just as good as if we had walked all the way, without the slightest deviation.

Such was the case with the development of the Allegra brand. The client, having extensive experience in selling toilet paper and paper accessories, decided to use his knowledge in the development, production and positioning of his own brand. He asked us to design a completely new brand, whose products will be of high quality and medium-high price. We got an almost accurate list of product types that the new brand will have in its portfolio and that was about it. A puzzle that we had to solve in the best possible way.

We started with an analysis of the market and the existing offer in our country. What we saw as common to the brands that were already on the shelves of our markets, is exactly what we tried to avoid, in order to achieve originality and recognition. Flowing shapes, cute mascots, names associated with softness are the most common communication for this product category.

Our idea was to break away from stereotypes and so we decided to try to make a cheerful, playful design, through a pure graphic solution using geometric shapes. Triangles, squares, circles were in play. We tried many combinations of shapes and colors. In the end, the light, airy circles won. Their association of soap bubbles associated us with childish laughter, with joy. Hence the brand name Allegra, which means joy, happiness. In the Allegra logo, we associated the “g” with the “A” to discreetly remind us of a smile. We were all happy with this solution, the team in the agency that worked on this project as well as the client.

Although all of us who work in marketing agencies prefer to get a clear brief on what is required of us, sometimes not getting it, gives us extra room for creativity. Like a blank sheet of paper, which we will fill in ourselves. But let there be no misunderstandings. It is only in the case when the client is ready to accept different approaches, new ideas. Only when the client trusts us as professionals, that we will offer the best possible solution. In all other situations, it is best to get a very clear brief.

With Allegra, we had the good fortune for the client to trust us. Through the design we created a clear concept of the range, we precisely divided the different types of products by categories, quality, and aromas. For the three-layer toilet paper, we chose the petroleum color as the basic one, and through the color of the circles, we distinguished the white toilet paper and toilet paper with different aromas. In two-layer paper, although petroleum color is present, orange is dominant. We have put all the necessary information in one place so that consumers can find it easier and read it faster. Of course, the circles are also applied on the toilet paper. We applied the same principles to the napkins and the kitchen paper, only here the color is stronger blue.

The pleasure was huge when we first saw the final product. The high quality of the product justifies and supports the beautiful design and vice versa. One without the other would lose its meaning. So far, the only toilet paper in our country made from 100% eucalyptus cellulose, with ecological aromas applied to the hilt, glues made from starch and packaging made from recyclable materials, Allegra sets new standards in terms of quality and environmental awareness of the brand.

Allegra is at the very beginning of its journey. It entered the market shyly, in a period of Corona crisis, but with great potential and very good communication points. I believe that working on Allegra’s marketing communication, will be as enjoyment as it was the process of creating of the brand. As the slogan of Allegra says – Pure joy!

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