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Sellers are from Mars, marketers are from Venus, and they are spinning the Earth together

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Successful companies are organizations where corporate culture and brand presentation are made in a unified and recognizable tone and with a synchronized approach to clients, customers, the public.

This mostly counts for their marketing and sales teams.

It’s simple. You don’t want your clients and customers to hear a commercial, read an ad in a magazine or social media post with one piece of information, and get a different presentation, different information, or different terms from your sales team.

This I confusing to say the least. And the customer will not choose your brand if something is ambiguous and unclear between the message from the ad and what they hear from the seller. This will leave room for suspicion, distrust, revolt and the buyer will eventually not reach for the wallet and will not buy your product. The feeling of playfulness and distrust for the brand is hard to erase. Especially today when the choice that buyers have is huge. And most important, customers have the power, because they are only one click far from sharing a bad experience with the public.

A friend received a prize voucher in the amount of 1,500 denars for a clothing store. We went together so she could choose something. The saleswoman in the shop kindly informed us that we can use the voucher only if we buy something in the amount of 3000 denars. We looked at each other weirdly. My friend explained that this was not mentioned at all when she received the voucher, nor does it contain such information. To this, the saleswoman explained that it is how she was told and she tried to get one of the people in charge on the phone, but without success. Disappointed, we left the shop and went with 3 other friends for a coffee. You guess what we talked about in the first half-hour, and what kind of post my outraged friend wrote on Facebook.

The belief that only sales teams make a profit, and marketers only make costs, is traditional and outdated. For latter-day marketing it is part of the history. Today sales and marketing teams must act as one, co-ordinate and understand each other’s actions. At the end of the day, both teams work for the same goals – size and reputation of the brand and of course profit.

In the successful teamwork of marketing and sales, in several stages, tasks are intertwined, they can’t be skipped and must be planned and worked out together. The key is constant communication and coordination.

Of course, there are a few tips and tricks on how to improve and facilitate communication and coordination of marketing and sales teams:

Creating relevant content together

The key premise lies in the content. The content created by marketers helps sellers make it easier for customers to progress. This content is based on market analysis, industry trends, promotion strategy and segmentation of target groups. The content is of course used further in the sales process. This is especially important because sales can help by sharing real-world experience and real-world market conditions to make a final decision on which content will work best at which stage. It also facilitates the creation of relevant content for appropriate target groups and eliminates the guesswork game.

Joint analysis of the buying experience

Walking and walking in the shoes of your customers or clients from both marketers and sellers encourage new analysis, develop new strategies and leave room for creating a new positive buying cycle.

What is the point of creating advertising content and distributing it through communication channels without well-analyzed consumer behavior?

By bringing the sales and marketing team closer together and carefully monitoring the stages that consumers go through from the information process to the final purchase decision, a unique comprehensive model can be created for a new positive customer experience.

Creating a shared profile of your customer

Defining your customers is very important. To describe in more detail your ideal customer or buyer – how he behaves, what choices he makes, what information he seeks, what needs he has and how he makes decisions – has incredible value in achieving goals. This profile picture of your customer will be more accurate if the marketing and sales teams work together and agree. Viewed from the angle of Mars and from the angle of Venus, it will be closest to the real one. This will make it easier for the buyer – if you know who you are dealing with, then you know how to act.

Excellent marketing is confirmed through excellent sales or behind great sales is also excellently done marketing

You can’t make a fantastic marketing campaign that will be successful if you don’t have one to sell well. You can’t have a successful sale without a well-designed marketing strategy. Or you just don’t want to wink at a beautiful girl in the dark, she won’t see you, she’ll turn around and leave. 😊 Marketers and retailers know this very well today. And even though some are from Mars and others from Venus, they are still spinning the Earth together. And profit.

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