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You never get a second chance to make the first impression!

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What is the first picture that you have when a company is mentioned?

You decide to start a company with a complete idea of its business and the next thing is to come up with a name for it.  In most cases in our country, companies do this internally, without much thought, very often (which is the funniest) with the first initials or a combination of the names of their owners. In the world, it may sound powerful if you’re a Mercedes Benz or Hewlett Packard.

Creating a company name is something that you start with and it will pull you up or down all your life. That’s why it should be short, creative, clear and connected with the company’s business. There are other parameters that should be considered: how it’ll look like in Latin letters, it should be simple and…. can also be an advantage if it starts with the first 5 letters of the alphabet, and it should be powerful when your business will expand, etc. Also, before christening you should check if there is the same or similar name in your sector, has someone already protected that name, if there is a free domain for your website, (without it you can’t imagine functioning these days). Of course, the safest is to give this job to a professional. But if you are taking the first step, keep in mind that the market needs to be thoroughly researched first.

We have the name. Perfect. Now what? The most important impression is the first one, right?

What matters, is how we present ourselves to the world, how the world will remember us. Well, the most important thing at the beginning and throughout the life of the company, is to leave an impression that will be remembered. That comes with a perfect corporate identity – the LOGO! There is no place for mistakes here! It should be so perfect that it will be simple, minimal, typographic, but still tell the whole story and activity of the company.

Many people still think that this is not such an important part of the company, that the most important thing for the company is to work and bring a lot of revenue, and the logo, is just something you put on the way. Wrong! So wrong!

The logo is the base of your identity, it separates you from the competition, it should leave a powerful influence on the outside world. The world – your customers, they need to connect with your logo, your identity, your products or services.

It is the core of a company’s entire corporate identity, as well as the biggest advertisement for it. Placing it on all promotional materials, packaging, products, social media, website, your logo is the best way to advertise your brand or campaign consistently. If you connect your corporate message with a well-conceived logo, you get the perfect combination where everything you do is to connect to the logo and brand.

Look back and remember the decades-old logos that still work perfectly. They are all simple, clean and tell their story. You don’t need to read the name of Nike, Apple, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, Audi to know who it is, just looks at the logo.

Therefore, pay attention to your first impression!

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