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A true story about an incredibly successful LinkedIn campaign

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Have you ever advertised on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is the right place for you, especially if you are in the B2B area. And in this article we will not consider the options for advertising on LinkedIn at all, but I will try to present you the part of InMail, i.e.  since recently with a new name Message ad.

And what exactly is LinkedIn InMail? These are the messages that reach the inbox of the targeted audience on LinkedIn … But I will write more about this in some future post. Now I want to tell you the true success story supported by numbers and facts. Namely, there is always great resistance among the Clients in accepting new things, which do not have any success on the local territory behind them. But fortunately, in our story, persuasion was not difficult. The Client trusted us and the campaign started with a well-planned schedule.

The target we want to address was clearly defined. The content of the e-mail was accurate with a very clear and likeable title. Of course, there were links in the content of the e-mail, which led to certain parts of the client’s website, where more information could be read. Additionally, the e-mail had a CTA (call-to-action) button, through which the success of this campaign should be additionally measured. The duration of the campaign was exactly 17 days, with a daily balanced sending of the e-mails. 

In the end, the summarized results were:

  • The number of total sent messages – 1,564. 
  • 1,026 of them were opened with an open rate of 77.11%.
  • Messages sent to up to 35% of the potential target group 
  • The cost per sent email is 0.10 euros and the cost per open email is 0.13 euros.

Most emails are sent to senior positions

The obtained data (which includes the name of the company where the targeted person works) can be well used by the Client for further communication and can be of great help to the sales sector.

If you want to create your own successful LinkedIn story, then don’t hesitate, DARE US!